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My Story

Hi! I'm Wendy. In May 2018 I retired from my full job. I am single and a grandma of two amazing boys who I love with all my heart. They live 10 hours from me so I don't get to see them as much as I would like ... that will change!!

In Dec 2012, my daughter Tasha was coming home for Christmas and she was expecting my first grandchild in April. Together with her best friend Steph I planned a surprise baby shower with Scentsy as the cover story. Believe it or not I didn't even know what Scentsy was at that point. I got some catalogues to make it real and while browsing decided I should try to do a book party. The surprise shower was a success, as was the book party.

In the few days that passed until I closed the party I decided to become a Consultant. My kids were out on their own so I had extra time ... and I could use the money to help with my scrapbooking addiction. I have always loved candles and this is a much safer alternative than candles - no soot and no piles of wax or fires when I forget they are lit.

There is so much I LOVE about this Scentsy journey I am on. Yes, there's the awesome PRODUCTS and they are continually expanding their selection. My current favorite is their cleaning line and the Buddies. But there is so much more than products. I have met some incredible PEOPLE - lifelong friends. I love to TRAVEL but never had the money before. I never imagined that the growth and personal development I am seeing in myself would come from starting this business. I am LEARNING and GROWING so much, learning to dream big, believe in myself, set goals and crush them! I am doing things I never thought I could do. Did I mention there's a pay cheque? Yup, and it's pretty sweet!!

I am GRATEFUL to be able to share my love of Scentsy and to offer this opportunity to others so that they too may achieve their dreams and goals and have an absolutely wonderfully smelling home.

So my thanks goes to my daughter Tasha and her partner Aaron, for if their son Boston was not on his way into this world back in December 2012 I still might not be a Scentsy Consultant!!! In hindsight (which is always 20/20) I kick myself for not stopping to check out the Scentsy tables at the Home Business Markets and Fairs instead of walking past them - I was a true, blue candle lover. So, if there is any inkling of interest, don't pass it by ... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

I can be reached via
email (
text or call (403 594 0810)
or find me on facebook.

I'd be happy to chat with you about you earning some extra money, you sharing your love of Scentsy with your friends or helping you get your home smelling wonderful :)